Farzana’s Call for Ink Cartridges!

My name is Farzana and I have used the services provided by Step Forward. I saw how much it positively impacted on my life and came to a decision ...continue reading

Annie’s Fundraising Challenge

My mother entered me for the Royal Parks Half Marathon. It was a ballot and if you didn’t get a place to run you got a Royal Parks hoodie. I have to ...continue reading

What do we do?

Step Forward provides a free and confidential service to young people aged 11-25, living in and around Tower Hamlets in London.

No problem is too big or small. We offer independent information, advice, counselling, family support and personal development training.

Everyone's welcome

We actively challenge discrimination and welcome young people from all sections of the community regardless of their race, gender, disability, sexuality, religious, political and cultural lifestyles and beliefs.

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