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If you need help or would like any more information about any of the services available at Step Forward, then just let us know.

Call us on 020 7739 3082 or email us at info@step-forward.org

We are based at:

234 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AA

We will be adding lots of helpful information to this section of the site, so check back soon.

Statements from young people about our services

First steps

Everyone needs someone to talk to at different times in their lives. Sometimes it helps to talk through things that might be on your mind, tell someone about things that have happened to you, or to discuss options if you want to make changes in your life. If you have something that you want to talk about then we are here for you.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting help is asking for it in the first place! Whatever help or support you need you can talk to us. We will try and make this as easy as possible. Firstly, to let us know that you want support, you will need to contact us, via email, giving us a call on 020 7739 3082 or by dropping by.

We can then make a time with you to come in meet with one of team.  We can then talk to you and tell you a bit more about our services, what you can expect from us find out a little about you.

Together we can then match you up with the best person to help you got what you want. You might meet up with us just once or twice or over a longer period of time depending on what you want support with.

So, if you think you would benefit from talking to someone in confidence at Step Forward then get in touch!