My name is Taslima Begum, and I’ve completed a two weeks work experience at Step Forward. Working at Step Forward has been a very inspirational and challenging experience that has taught me many skills needed in any field of work.

My first day nerves were easily erased by the friendly staff who made these two weeks an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.

I have learnt so much from everyone I’ve worked with, who have given me a detailed insight of their roles, responsibilities and self-experience which has really helped me to understand more about counselling as well as the facilities at Step Forward.

Step Forward is full of friendly, diverse and caring people with many different skills who have created a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where people can easily seek help. I have been challenged to push myself, but also supported and guided throughout my time at Step Forward, and I’ve really had a great time.

The service provided by Step Forward has truly inspired me, and I aspire to further develop my skills and work towards a path into counselling.