How we spend our funds

Without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to offer a holistic range of free vital support services to local young people

The demand for our services is greater than ever and every single penny given to us helps us to reach and support local young people, many of whom are some of the most vulnerable in the country.

As a charity we rely on grants, contracts and donations to survive. Much of our income from grants and contracts is linked to specific projects or issues so we cannot use it for anything else no matter how urgent the need is. So all the additional money we raise through fundraising events and donations helps to ensure we have the capacity and resources to respond to and offer support to any young person in need.

We are very mindful in the ways we spend our funds to ensure we make the most of our income. Due to the foresight of our Board of Trustees many years ago we now own our own centre in Bethnal Green which is a great asset. This means our overheads are generally lower than many charities as we don’t have to pay for rent or leases to pay although we still have maintenance, equipment and utilities to maintain. Having our accessible, warm, welcoming and safe centre helps provide a sense of stability in an otherwise unstable world for many of our clients.

Most of our income is spent on direct service delivery that allows us to offer professional high quality services delivered by our skilled and compassionate team who always go over and above what’s expected to offer the best possible service to our clients.

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