Why we need your support

Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be here

Step Forward is an independent charity based in Bethnal Green in East London. We provide free and confidential support services to young people in and around Tower Hamlets – where 43% of children are living in poverty – the highest child poverty rate in the UK, and more than double the national average*.

Your support can help us to the support hundreds of vulnerable children in young people who depend on our services every week.

Our aim is to support local young people who are facing disadvantage and enable them to thrive, develop, grow and reach their full potential in life.

We provide a unique range of services under one roof many of which are not available elsewhere. We respond to young peoples’ needs, and evolve accordingly.

We currently reach an average of over 5000 young people each year, and are proud to have been recognised for our impact and innovation

Each year we need to raise over £500,000 just to maintain our free and confidential services at their current levels. To meet our goal of continuing to provide vital services to every child or young person who needs us, we need all the help we can get.

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*Data source: HM Revenue & and Customs (Children in low income families local measure). The 2014 statistics were released in September 2016. There is a summary of the data at towerhamlets.gov.uk