Do you want to improve the communication in your family?

Family Ties is a programme of 6 workshops once every 2 weeks for young people (aged 11-25) and their families.

What do the workshops offer?

*Meeting with other families in similar situations
*An opportunity to develop communication skills
and strategies to make life at home calmer
*Discussion groups and activities

What are the aims of the workshops?

*Working with familiar dilemmas, issues and problems, and finding ways to resolve them
*Reduce feelings of isolation
*Creating new ways of looking at situations
*Increase confidence
*Provide information and share experiences *Breaking down barriers of communication
*Having fun!

For referring or receiving more information:
Tel: 0207 739 3082 or Email:

We will be having a taster evening Wednesday 19th May 17:30 -19:00

The workshops will be held at Step Forward, 234 Bethnal Green Rd.

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